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6 min readDec 1, 2020


A tutorial for generating income, and creating cashflow. Skip to the last part if you do not care about me stories ;-)

This is what Bankroll.Network is currently providing, and the idea is not so far fetched. It does however require a little knowledge or the will to learn

It is a quite comprehensive ecosystem within the Tron Network, and during the past 19 months, yes this in fact has existed for a very long time now, I have been playing various games in their ecosystem

When I first got involved is was playing Credits, Luck and Daily, all seemed to be part of early development, and I soon came to realize that this assumption was correct

For the last year or so, there have been some rather large changes with cryptocurrenciesa, and these changes has also applied to Bankroll.Network now.

For at long time we were generating/mining/minting/creating a token called BNKR, and while this can still be used for Trading, Yield Farming, Staking, Stacking, etc this article will focus on the latest edition to the Bankroll.Network — BNKRX

BNKRX is designed as a Cashflow token, the value of this token is basically of no importence, as you will always be able to get more without having to invest substantial amounts. You can go in using whatever amount of TRX you desire

Let’s get to the tutorial part:

Visit https://bankroll.network

You need to start by acquirring yourself some BNKRX, and this is done in the Swapx part of the website (https://bankroll.network/swapx.html)

First Swap needs to be enabled, this will take some bandwidth, energy or trx depending on your situation. In this tutorial the “price” for enabling was 0.894 TRX

Now enter the amount of TRX you wish to spend — Here we input 50 and we are expected to get 6.913

Now we do a little math — We spend 50 to buy 6.913 BNKRX and now we have left in our wallet 45.132 TRX — this means that our initial 100 subtracted the 0.894 for enabling swap, subtracted 50 for buying BNKRX has left us with 45.132 TRX in our wallet, therefore a fee was paid for 3.974 for this transaction. This is a rather high fee, but there are a lot of contracts which are being called in the background, to fulfill the Bankroll ecosystem

Now onto the FLOW part and our 365% APY earnings. You cannot enter into the Bankroll.Network | Flow without entering a Buddy referral address. The referral address must be in the Flow system, it cannot be your own. You must have an uplink. You can find your own around the internet or use mine (This is actually the reason for this tutorial). Copy and Paste this wallet ID into the field: TUihzoHAYwxFYiwDBfLDgSJAsuk7YoJpkY and click Update — This address is also in the complete bottom of this page.

Having lost another 0.879 TRX in fees you are now ready to enable the FLOW deposits

Another 0.894 TRX has been subtracted in fee’s

Now you have to enter the amount of BNKRX you wish to deposit. If the amount is higher than your available balance it will deposit ALL. In this tutorial I will enter 10 and click deposit

Now this was an expensive push of a button. 8.482 TRX was spend in fees. But now you should have an image which looks almost like this

Now there are no more pictures, I will just try to explain how everything work from this point on

You have 8main items of information here. Available, Deposists, Claimed, Rewards, Max Payout, Team, Roll and Claim. I will try to cover them all

  • Available: This is the amount of BNKRX which you have available for either Roll or Claim
  • Deposists: This is the total amount of Deposists you have made. If you deposit again this number will increase
  • Claimed: This is the total amount of BNKRX which you have Claimed, meaning the amount of BNKRX you have withdrawn from the system to your wallet
  • Rewards: 2 subcategories here Direct and Matched — Direct means that somebody has used your TRX address as their Buddy reference, and you will get 10% of their deposists. Matched is a percentage of your referrals, according to the bnkrs flow contract, which they have claimed to their wallets.
  • Max Payout: This is maximum amout of BNKRX you are able to earn, and is calculated by the amount of deposists multiplied with 3.65 (365% APY).
  • Team: Again 2 subcategories. Direct and Total — Direct means the amount of people directly below you in your chain. Total — Is to total amount of people in YOUR part of this chain (maximum 15 downlines — unlimited amount of people).
  • Roll: This function enables you to save a little on fee’s for the system. By pushing roll, you convert the amount of available BNKRX into a deposit which will then automatically be added to your Deposists section. If you push Roll it will take BOTH your rewards and your available and roll into the system.
  • Claim: This will withdraw all Available and Rewards from the system into your wallet. A notice here is that you can only withdraw until you have reached 365% APY. If you have 200 BNKRX in rewards and only 150 BNKRX in Max Payout, the system will only payout 150 BNKRX. The remaining amount will stay in the contract, until you deposit additional tokens — You will not loose your rewards!!!!!

FEES. I think we need to cover this part a little. Because relative high fee’s are being withdrawn due to the conplexity of the ecosystem here. While you make a claim, a lot is going on to ensure the balance and “habitat” of BNKRX.

As you see in the About system, there is a LOT of referral going on, 15 layers to be exact. In addition there is also a buyback protocol at work, which buys BNKR (the original token of Bankroll.Network), from SWAP and this contract pays players in the Stronghold game. In other words it is all connected, and it will be able to run forever.

The development of Bankroll.Network is and have been ongoing since at least April 2019.

TRX Donation: TUihzoHAYwxFYiwDBfLDgSJAsuk7YoJpkY