365% APY — CashFlow

  • Available: This is the amount of BNKRX which you have available for either Roll or Claim
  • Deposists: This is the total amount of Deposists you have made. If you deposit again this number will increase
  • Claimed: This is the total amount of BNKRX which you have Claimed, meaning the amount of BNKRX you have withdrawn from the system to your wallet
  • Rewards: 2 subcategories here Direct and Matched — Direct means that somebody has used your TRX address as their Buddy reference, and you will get 10% of their deposists. Matched is a percentage of your referrals, according to the bnkrs flow contract, which they have claimed to their wallets.
  • Max Payout: This is maximum amout of BNKRX you are able to earn, and is calculated by the amount of deposists multiplied with 3.65 (365% APY).
  • Team: Again 2 subcategories. Direct and Total — Direct means the amount of people directly below you in your chain. Total — Is to total amount of people in YOUR part of this chain (maximum 15 downlines — unlimited amount of people).
  • Roll: This function enables you to save a little on fee’s for the system. By pushing roll, you convert the amount of available BNKRX into a deposit which will then automatically be added to your Deposists section. If you push Roll it will take BOTH your rewards and your available and roll into the system.
  • Claim: This will withdraw all Available and Rewards from the system into your wallet. A notice here is that you can only withdraw until you have reached 365% APY. If you have 200 BNKRX in rewards and only 150 BNKRX in Max Payout, the system will only payout 150 BNKRX. The remaining amount will stay in the contract, until you deposit additional tokens — You will not loose your rewards!!!!!




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